1, the tire is made of what material?
Mainly made of natural rubber, synthetic rubber, steel wire and other materials.
2, what is the cause of tire wear?
The cause of the eccentric wear is the following: first, the tire pressure. Second, the wheel is inward or outward tilt, this situation needs to be corrected by the four round position;
Third, the use of vehicles, such as the road, load, speed, driving habits will lead to the tire wear.
3, the silicon containing formula of the tires have what advantage?
The tire containing silicon formula can still show good performance in cold weather and wet road surface, so it has a relatively high security. In addition, the rolling resistance of tire containing silicon formula is also small, so it can effectively improve fuel economy.
4, summer, winter and the use of the four seasons with the tire?
Summer tires, the drainage performance, and the heat resistance is better; the non winter tires, the temperature dropped to a certain extent, the performance of the tire will also fall a lot, while the winter tire in very low temperatures, still be able to maintain good performance, and in ice and snow on the road has a very good grip. Tyres, the performance of various aspects of the average, for the vast majority of weather conditions.
5, tire rolling resistance is what? What is the impact on driving?
With the wheel every turn, when the tire contact with the road, the tire due to bearing the cause will produce deformation. With the deformation of the tire structure, the component will become hot, and a part of the energy loss of the engine transmission: This is the rolling resistance phenomenon. Because the vehicle is running the required energy is provided by the fuel burning, the rolling resistance can lead to excessive fuel consumption. Tire pressure if too low, tire rolling resistance will increase, so when the tire pressure, so that the tire pressure to keep in a reasonable range.
6, the use of tire life for how long?
The life of the tire is related to many factors, such as climate, road, driving mode, installation, maintenance, etc..
In general, the tire life of 3~5 years. From international regulations, if the use of normal tires, tire wear to the depth of 1.6 mm when the depth of MM must be replaced. If the tire is not used for a long time, the rubber will be aging. So, the number of years, even if the extent of tire wear is not serious, it should replace the tire.