Keeping Flats Away From Electric Bicycle Tires

A flat tire can always be a matter of concern for any rider but in case of electric bicycles it becomes more complex as the weight of the bikes is on the heavier side.  To avoid such a condition do check in some tips to keep you safe from unnecessary burdens.


You might also like to use tire liners which act as another layer of protection between the tube and the tire. You can buy custom liners for your specific bikes but you can also use strips from old tires for the same purpose. But, a custom made liner would be harder and lighter in usage.

You can also upgrade to higher quality tires which are much stiffer than regular tires from the companies. Some companies do provide you with option at the time of purchase.


You can also use green liquid known as slime over your tubes. This stays as a liquid over your tube and in case of puncture fill in the hole and saves the day for you. The liquid contains rubber from old tires which also makes it a great option for recycling enthusiasts. In order to avoid falling into the traps of debris stuck in your tires, you should make sure that you clean your tires on regular intervals, especially after returning from a ride.


Some amount of debris always stays stuck in the tires. When you ride on the roads, the pressure from the surface can actually make the debris or small stones and thorns puncture your tire. This would not be a pleasant condition as you will simply have to face a bad ride day because you failed to maintain your bike properly.


Avoiding debris is a good way to keep your tires in shape. So make sure that you always avoid roads or paths that have too much debris. Apart from this, you can also focus on using lights etc. to find reflective surfaces like glass pieces which can easily puncture your tire.


Always take a look at your tire after completing a long ride and take immediate action if the gas is leaking, even if on a really low scale. This will save you from any sort of accident while you ride. Always keep the pressure of the tire in the right amount so that there are no high or lows in the air density. If the pressure gets too low your tire will become flat after getting continuously forced against the tire and the rim.


You can apply all these tips to get a better working tube in your electric bicycle or you can go for any handy advice from the local shop.

Post time: 01-18-2016